I am an ordinary middle-aged man who works as a web coder for a company.

Feel free to call me Kou. I use the handle Keiwa on SNS.

I write a simple English diary.

If you are interested, please visit.

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I yearn to live abroad and I am studying English now.

This site was built as part of that.

I am not a designer, but I have enough skills to make this site.

I want to use this skill to live abroad.


Photography is a long-standing hobby of mine.

For me, photgraphy is about "something to remember the scenes I have seen" and I am not obsessive about it.

I am shooting casually.


I like rhythm games and I love the characters in games.

I especially like Fumika Sagisawa,Hajime Fujiwara, Rinze Morino, Kiriko Yukoku, Miya Miyao and Rinko Shirokane.

I often go to concert.

I feel that extraordinary experiences give me energy.