I went to Kumamoto for four days.

All I did was eat.

I went to Kumamoto for four days.


I went on a trip that I had been planning for a long time.

2021-08-09_004.jpg I got on a plane and headed for Kumamoto. This time, Fumika is with me. 2021-08-09_005.jpgIt arrived on schedule.

2021-08-09_007.jpg I moved to Kumamoto City by bus.

2021-08-09_008.jpg I met up with a friend and had Tonkotsu(pork) ramen for lunch.

2021-08-09_014.jpgI went to Kumamoto Castle and it was very hot...

2021-08-09_011.jpg For dinner I went to a restaurant recommended by a friend.

2021-08-09_013.jpg I went to sleep early because I was tired from the travel.


2021-08-10_003.jpg For lunch this day, I had tonkatsu(pork cutlet) at a tonkatsu restaurant recommended by a friend.

2021-08-10_012.jpg For dinner, we went to an Izakaya(Japanese style pub) and had some local Kumamoto food.


2021-08-11_001.jpg There is a tram running in Kumamoto city, so I took it.

2021-08-11_005.jpg I had a beef bowl for lunch, and it was very good.

2021-08-11_008.jpg I had Yakitori(grilled chicken), and it was all very good!.

2021-08-11_022.jpg Satisfied with the delicious food, I went to sleep early.


2021-08-12_003.jpg I checked out of the hotel and immediately headed for the bus station.

2021-08-12_004.jpg I moved to Aso-Kumamoto airport by bus.

2021-08-12_005.jpg It was raining heavily in Kumamoto City.

2021-08-12_006.jpg I arrived at Aso-Kumamoto airport.

2021-08-12_007.jpg It was raining heavily, but the plane took off as scheduled.

2021-08-12_009.jpg I arrived at the airport safety.

2021-08-12_011.jpg My gourmet journey was over in a finish.