Welcome back Rinze.

I am grateful to have met Rinze.

Welcome back Rinze.

I like Rinze so much that I fell in love with her at first sight when I saw her character introduction before the game was offered.

2020-08-11_008.jpgAfter it was announced that the next pickup would be Rinze,I prepared to welcome Rinze home.

For the 70th time...

2020-08-11_001.jpg She came home safely to our home. 2020-08-11_002.jpg 2020-08-11_003.jpg

2020-08-11_004.jpg what is she the thinking and feeling?

2020-08-11_005.jpg She is fantastic and very beautiful.

2020-08-11_006.jpg I thought it was a different vibe than what I've seen before, but there's no doubt that she's cute.

2020-08-11_007.jpg I liked this illustration so mush that I...

2020-08-12 20.29.09.jpgI set it as the wallpaper on my laptop.

I'm grateful to have met Rinze.