I went to SeisekiSakuragaoka.

Finally, I was able to visit SeisekiSakuragaoka.

I went to SeisekiSakuragaoka with my friend last weekend.

Shinymas is set in SeisekiSakuragaoka.

We toured the spots on foot and by bus.

I took some pictures so you can compare the scenes.

2021-05-04_001.jpg 2021-05-04_002.jpg 2021-05-04_003.jpg 2021-05-04_004.jpg 2021-05-04_005.jpg 2021-05-04_006.jpg 2021-05-04_007.jpg 2021-05-04_008.jpg 2021-05-04_009.jpg 2021-05-04_010.jpg 2021-05-04_011.jpg 2021-05-04_012.jpg 2021-05-04_013.jpg 2021-05-04_014.jpg 2021-05-04_015.jpg 2021-05-04_016.jpg 2021-05-04_017.jpg 2021-05-04_018.jpg 2021-05-04_019.jpg 2021-05-04_020.jpg